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The Sacred Tibetan Cultural Art Pageant
Experience Ancient Tibetan Cultural Rituals of Dance, Chanting, Prayers and Debate. 
Our Costumes are hand made at the Drepung Gomang Monastery. 
Our Authentic Tibetan Traditions will come to life.   
Our pageant will include The Tashi Sholpa [The Good Luck Dance]
Tashi Shoelpa is the oldest opera company in Tibet, it conveys the teachings of Lord Buddha through historical reenactment

The Snow Lion Dance
In Tibet the Snow Lion symbolizes the fearless and elegant quality of the enlightened mind
The Yak Dance
In this dance we show the peaceful co-existence of human being with the animal kingdom 
The Dance of Giant Panda
Our dance to create awareness of the Giant Panda in Tibet
and so much more
We hope you'll join us in celebration of our Tibetan heritage